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My sister and I love Nebraska, so when we arrived in Kearney, about halfway across the state, we were sponsored by AmericInn Hotels for our visit to Nebraska in May. We took the opportunity to do what cross-country skiers want - travel a bit, to be precise - to get to know the local sights. Day trippers stay here and there between Kearny, Lincoln and Omaha, but we had enough time to visit the Haymarket neighborhood in Lincoln, visit the Sheldon Museum of Art campus and enjoy the Nebraska History Museum in downtown Lincoln. For another two hours, we traversed a story that focused exclusively on the way people have traveled across the country.

There is a Pawnee Earth Lodge that showcases the art of construction and design, and inside you will find a house that serves as home to the Nebraska Historical Society, a museum, an art museum, and a recreation center.

I spent about 15 minutes scraping dead bugs from my windshield, and considered the condition to be the worst I have ever visited. Knowing that Iowa was next and likely to be very similar to Nebraska, I decided to find something in Kearney to break the monotony. We met at Fort Kearny to make our first stop on our three-day trip to the West Coast of the United States. The fortress was designed specifically to protect the pioneers who travelled to the West and is still used today.

The Sandhill Crane migration is spectacular in March, and researchers, photographers, artists and naturalists come from all over the world to watch the spectacle. I was supposed to be there in October, but the cranes have already come through this spring. The history of the Overland Trail is steeped in history, because every day it leads from this world to another world and back again. You travel better if you get information everywhere and that is at the top of my list.

Archway Monument bridges the freeway in Kearney, Nebraska, and anyone driving Interstate 80 Knows that it is one of the most beautiful places in the country. In the upper part of it, the museum, there is a museum with a collection of artifacts from the Overland Trail and the Great Plains.

Through the stories of people who survived the migration to the West, this interactive museum will actually help you understand what it was like to cross the Oregon Trail and the Mormon Trail. Follow the tour and learn more about the history of the Overland Trail and the dangers associated with the shortcut.

If you think time is running out when you visit Kearney, the friendly people at the Visitors Center will help you. Make sure you are on I-80 past Kearneys Archway just before you drive through. The archways are a great place to get out and let the kids play for a few minutes when you need a break on your I / 80 road trip.

We have created a very targeted, exclusive local advertising campaign for Kearney that brings in visitors from Kearney prospects for only $59 a year. For more information on this program, please contact the KNEB Visitor Center at (402) 888-5555 for more details.

You may also want to reserve a seat in one of the blinds to see the crane up close, but don't worry, there are many things to do while you wait for the cranes.

If you are exploring downtown Kearney, also known as "The Bricks" because of its brick streets, you will find a wide range of shops, including a number of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants with great dining options. Whether you're buying souvenirs at the Stagecoach gift shop or exploring the shops and boutiques in the city centre, you'll find plenty of local treasures.

Check out the gift shop before you leave, it's much better than you might expect and you can even visit a quirky guide in pioneering garb from the 19th century.

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The World Travel and Tourism Council's forecasts suggest that tourism will remain the world's largest industry, and that employment in the industry will continue to grow at a rate greater than all other sectors combined. Kearney also has numerous sports venues and, in fact, sports events are one of the fastest growing markets in Kearny. The plan is to enlarge the festival area to accommodate larger and more frequent events.

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More About Kearney