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We just released the results of the Nebraska Farm Real Estate Report 2014 - 2015 and gave some pointers on current rental prices. We provide information about the current pasture rental price for farms and pastures in Nebraska and have just published. The indicated pasture rents are documented in an annual study published by Nebraska Extension titled "Nebraska farm Real Estate Report."

Kearney is presented as a median gross retirement of $767, which is the median gross retirement of the Glenwood CDP in the Nebraska Agriculture Report for 2014-2015. We provide information about the current pasture prices for farms and pastures in Nebraska and have just published them. Kearney's median price for a single-family home is slightly above the $260,500 that Glenwood's C DP mapped with home prices ranging from $260 to $500.

The $833 rental rate in Kearney is also about 8.6% lower, useful for understanding affordable housing funds, and provides a more frequent distribution of home prices in the area compared to Nebraska. The median property tax ($2,689) also shows that renters pay about half the utility costs of Kearny, Nebraska, but are 7.8% larger than in Omaha, Omaha and Omaha-Lincoln states. In the 2014-2015 Nebraska Agriculture Report, it ranks third, with the highest median income per capita of all CDPs in Nebraska and the second highest average home price per square foot.

This link will guide you to information that will help you answer questions about the real estate market in Kearney, Nebraska and other parts of the state. To learn more about the Farmdale Real Estate Area and its housing market, read the Farmingdale Real Estate Area information here.

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Kearney is portrayed as a tenant with a 40.9% share, above the national average of 39.5% and below Omaha's 40%. Kearney is represented with a rent decline of 40 to 9 percent, which is higher than the average number of owners in the country - occupied housing units. This is illustrated in the table below, with the total number of units occupied by owners at the top of the map and the percentage of rented apartments in each city.

Kearney has one of the highest median rents in the country, measured by the median rent increase of 4.5 percent over the past five years.

In neighboring Nebraska, grazing rates on state land have risen, with a 2.5 percent increase in the last five years. Farmland in Kearney averaged 1,185 acres in 2014, while lease prices for unfarmable land in Nebraska continue to rise (the desired site does not exist). Compared to Nebraska, the data show that Kearney's recent annual rate of appreciation is 1.2 percent, the highest in the country and the second-highest among Iowa's top 10 cities. Please contact Holiday Inn at 308 - 237 - 5971 and quote the rate to the Nebraska Grazing Conference.

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More About Kearney